Tuesday, 28 June 2016


SWOT analysis on yourself. I know this is not something you would have thought of doing on yourself. It’s a terminology we liken to businesses and company activities. The world is a dynamic place and it is becoming more and more dynamic with all the trends we have to deal with and keep up speed with.
S         Strengths- What are your strengths and what will you be offering employers out there.

W       Weaknesses- What are your weaknesses and how are they posing as obstacles in your career path, then, what are you doing about them.

O        Opportunities- What opportunities are you letting pass you by. Who should you be learning from or what opportunity should you be grabbing hold of to help improve your weaknesses. It could be as abstract as overlooking a sales job which may be your opportunity to learn how to improve your skills in selling yourself to potential employers.

T        Threats- What poses as a threat in your personal life or work? Get ride of it, (if it is that simple) or improve your skills and performances, such that you become almost invaluable to the organisation. Do you know that there are people that companies do not want to see go, even in this time of recession, such that if they put forward some ‘hot’ terms, the employers will still consider it, if it means not losing them. Are you at such level or working towards being at such a level?

You may want to build yourself to get to a point like that. You can only do that if you have something unique to offer. Everyone is unique, you only have to tap into the best in you and let it out.

It’s not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference.” Paul Bryant.

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