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Which aspects of your current job may relate with any of these?

Are you involved with receiving money, reconciling or setting up any form of reports or money collecting or money holding system, banking, etc?

For example, if you are a cash till operator in Tesco, you will find that some part of the job has some of the items listed above, so you will need to think out of the box and identify the aspects of your current job that can be linked to accounting in anyway and write these in line with accounts.

For example, collecting money from the customers on a till can easily be written as follows:

Giving customers their bills, receiving payments from customers, making sure correct payments are made by the customers, offering customers receipts and invoices, dealing with customers queries on their bills etc.

Notice I have not mentioned anything about the till in the above paragraph. Why will you want to mention anything of such, when you know you are not looking for the next till job? If you are, then of course you need a different CV which will mention all of such.

In the above illustrated job, you will also see the individual may be involved in stocking the shelves. For such tasks, it should be written in line with stock taking, monitoring stock levels, ensuring adequate stock supplies etc.
With the above mentioned way of writing your duties in line with accounts, you owe yourself the task of decoding your job title in line with your current job title. You will see that if you have called yourself a cash till operator, the whole world knows what they do, so a potential employer will not need to read the job duties, as they know what it will entail and they are not looking for a cash till operator.

In decoding the job title, an example can simply be for a “Cleaner”, you could consider a title such as “Hygiene Officer”. I will suggest you look through your organisations job titles and search the internet to find a title which may be decoded enough to arouse the attention of the potential employer , but still be in line with your current role.


In setting out your education, you need to select a layout which shows very clearly and quickly the following:
  •          the qualifications you hold
  •          the time period you attained these
  •         the schools where you gained these qualifications

You do not need to list the modules covered in the qualifications, but if you do not have an accounting qualification (e.g., maybe you have a qualification in Economics), then, be sure to list the accounts related modules you may have covered during such course.


These are used to assess how sociable you may be, so please do not put in any boring hobby on your CV, such as studying.

The profession is already viewed as a boring profession, with boring people, so do not go for a boring hobby to make you look like a very boring person, who a potential employer will consider may not fit into their team.

Always consider hobbies which involve other people, such as, basketball, football, playing chess with friends, entertaining friends and family members etc.

Here at The Training Place of Excellence, we have a full session on CV writing and interviewing techniques, which comes up in the Sage 50 training session. Please feel free to ask for further details on this session from the office by calling 02072529331.

Continue updating and formatting your CV until your CV speaks for you and starts getting you calls for interviews.

Yours Sincerely,
The Friendly Team

The Training Place of Excellence Limited

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