Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Importance of Work Experience in Securing a Job

When looking for a job in the accounting field the first question that most prospective employers will ask you ‘What previous experience do you have?’

Work experience is key, when trying to secure a job. It informs employers of what you have done in the past and how much knowledge you have in your field. Some job applications may not even consider your application unless you have the relevant
experience that they are looking for.

A question that many job seekers ask is ‘how do I gain experience if no-one is willing to give me the chance?’ Jobs are not handed to you (unless you are one of the few lucky ones!) You need to actively search and create opportunities for yourself. The first step in looking for a job is to get your experience ready for your C.V. (Look out for our C.V and interview tips tweet, to be posted shortly!)

When you don’t have previous experience in the field you may want to consider actively searching for placements within companies to gain some knowledge and a reference for your C.V. You may also want to consider completing hands on, relevant courses to give yourself an edge over other candidates. Whatever you do, keep in mind the sort of job you are looking to apply for and how the experience or qualification will benefit you.

Here at the Training Place we offer training in many different accounting fields including SAGE 50. Our trainings are delivered in a way that is very hands on, as if you are in the real working world. Most of our trainings also come with the opportunity to gain work experience within an accountancy firm where you get the chance to work on live clients accounts. The duration of the work placements can be between four months to a year. Why not take or call us on 02072529083 to find out more information on our trainings and the work placement we offer. Remember you have to create your own opportunities to be ahead of the competition!     
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