Thursday, 9 June 2016

What obstacles are you facing in proceeding along your career path?

Yes - you've set a plan in motion, and you are taking steps towards its achievement. But what roadblocks may rise up to stop you? What things could get in your way - foreseen and unforeseen? (I know, if it's unforeseen how are you going to see it. Use your imagination, that's the point of this) 

Rank these obstacles in terms of likelihood then rank them in terms of severity. Consider how you might deal with them if and when they come up. The value of this is: 
- Like the Boy Scouts, you are better prepared

- You may illuminate issues you have been trying to sweep under the rug

- You just may invent a whole new approach to get where you are going, and it just might be better than what you are doing now.
One obvious factor which can be called an obstacle may be the recession and its effects on lack of jobs. Do you know that there are companies recruiting even with this recession at its peak?

What do you have to do in order to be the one to get the job?
Where are you searching for these jobs?
How many of these jobs are you applying for?
How many application forms are you completing per week?
How strong is your application?
Why should you be employed over the next person applying for the job?
What do you have to offer the company?
How much experience do you come with in the relevant field?
What are you doing to acquire more experience?
What are you doing to ensure your application stands out more?

There are a heap load of questions that can be asked, but the next thing is what actions are you taking to overcome these?

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