Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Career Progression after the AAT Accounting Qualification

There are so may opportunities after the AAT 

1. Getting a good job in the accounting or financial services sector. 
2. Achieving professional MAAT status
3. Becoming a chartered accountant 
- Options are 
4. Become a tax specialist 
5. Join the education industry 
- Options are 
- Lecturing 
- Tutoring 
- Trainer 
- Creating new learning materials 
6. Head to university 
7. Writing and thought leadership 
8. Lobbying 
9. Become self-employed and start your own business 
10. Offer consultancy services 

AAT Accounting Apprenticeship Course via The Training Place of Excellence

The Training Place of Excellence 
AAT Accounting Apprenticeship Course 

The Training Place of Excellence aims to provide high quality accounting training, apprenticeships and work placements to enhance the career prospects of individuals pursuing a career in accounting and finance.  

We focus on providing a vibrant learning professional environment for all students in order for them to achieve excellence in their qualifications and work. 

Our training is geared to provide individuals with the necessary practical skills to complement their accounting courses and qualifications to enhance employment skills. 

We have carefully structured each of our accountancy training programs in order for each candidate to get the best of skills needed to compliment their current knowledge and experience to get into an accounting job in the current employment market.   

Structure for our apprentices 

Students are expected to attend classes one day a week completing the AAT Accounting Qualification alongside working within the accounting and financial services sector. 

Initially, students that lack accounting experience will be placed in a voluntary role with St Mary Accounting Services, where they will take on the role of an accounts assistant and shadow a chartered certified accountant, working on live client accounts. 

The work experience consists of tasks such as 

Cashflow forecasts 
Accounts Receivable duties 
Accounts Payable duties 
Bookkeeping using Sage, Xero and Excel 
Management Accounts 
Annual Accounts, Taxation and many more 

Placements and Apprenticeships 

Students are given a job strategy and a fair opportunity to be put forward for our roles within the accounting and financial services sector. 

Additionally, students receive support in interview preparation and marketing themselves for attractive apprenticeships and employment opportunities. 

Furthermore, once students are placed into suitable roles they stop attending work experience to accommodate for their employment with our clients.