Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Communication Skills

In communicating you have to express your communication skills in writing or verbally at an interview.

If you are asked- how do you cope or work under pressure?
A scenario in your personal life or at work can come into play. Let’s take a personal encounter for example in this situation

A person in final year who has just lost his or her father or mother, who may also have been the bread winner of the family, this can cause immense pressure.

It could pose emotional pressure, financial threats of your tuition fees not being paid or even depression. You want to be able to express that in connection with the question the interviewer just asked you. Let’s connect the two…….

You look straight into the eyes of the person that asked the question and with all the necessary emotion being expressed in your voice and eyes you say-

As I was getting into final year in University, I lost my father who I was very close to and he was the bread winner of the family and was responsible for our tuition fees.  This caused a lot of pressure on me as I am the first born child of the family and I had to support my siblings through the process as they look up to me. At that time I was saddled with so much pressure. We were fortunate enough to have family members who pulled resources together to pay our tuition fees and other expenses. We were all able to go through this period without any depression.

As though the pressure was not enough on me, as I was preparing for my final exam, my girlfriend broke up with me. This put an additional emotional pressure on me and it really posed a threat. I have always worked hard on graduating with a first class degree in Accounting. I was maintaining this and was determined to keep this up even with all the pressure I was under. I focussed on this and I succeeded in graduating with a first class degree.

I work efficiently and effectively under pressure, I focus my mind on what I want to achieve and my set goal and I narrow out all distractions and challenges I may be encountering and I usually work well under pressure.

Yours Sincerely,
The Friendly Team

NB: Maintain eye contact with the interviewers and ensure you look at each of them at regular intervals

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