Wednesday, 29 June 2016



Career Goals

What are your career goals?
Have you written out these career goals?
Did you read the mail titled- what is your purpose?

It is very easy to just look for a job and get caught up in the system of go to work come back, eat some food, pay the bills and keep going to work to pay the bills and earn a living.

Today we ask you, what are your career goals and where do they start from?

Lets start with the 5 years goal, so you can see a bigger picture-

n  5yrs goal
n  3yrs goal
n  1yr goal
n  6mths goal
n  Quarterly goal
n  Monthly goal
n  Weekly goal
n  ….Connect the dots…

Seeing the bigger picture, we then need to break it down further and further and further down to the weekly goals. The weekly goals feed into the monthly goals and the monthly goals feed into the quarterly goals, all of which feed into the yearly achievements and your accomplishments.

What do you need to be getting on with today, so as to see your goals come to reality?

Just get on with it and remember to always- CONNECT THE DOTS.

Yours Sincerely,
The Friendly Team

The Training Place of Excellence Limited

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