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In completing an application form or at an interview, you are usually asked how do you deal with pressure or questions are asked to elicit your communication skills.
It’s your responsibility to be able to express scenarios in your personal or work life to reflect an answer to the question that has been asked.

Remember the previous mail that was sent to you on Communication skills (if you didn’t read it, make sure you start reading all the mails we send you, because they all come with a good mix of valuable information), which tells you to look into the eyes of the person that asked the question and then answer (after a brief time to think and compose your answer). Maintain eye contact with the interviewers at all times, so, look at each of them at regular intervals.

Scenario-                                   In my previous/current job, I carried out payroll duties, administrative, finance and accounting, auditing, banking and reconciliation and other general duties. There are several occasions when our accounting month end falls on the same day as our four weekly and monthly payroll runs. This means that the sales invoices have to be prepared and sent out, the purchases and sales invoices have to be updated unto the ledgers, bank reconciliation’s have to be completed, necessary journals have to be raised and management accounts have to be prepared and ready to be sent out to the Directors. I have to ensure that the four weekly and monthly payrolls are done accurately and submitted to the Chief Executive. I also have to carry out all necessary audits, supervisions and other administration duties. I organise my duties, delegate responsibilities and prioritise my workload in order to meet tight deadlines. I am highly efficient in organising my workload and I provide support, cover and suggestive solutions within and across departments. I circulate and share knowledge, ideas and information with members of my team. I contribute to the development and effectiveness of my team and work with people to achieve team and individual objectives.

The above scenario elicits several talents. One question has been asked, but anyone reading this or listening to this will be able to pick out several items. Your ability to manage workload, reporting to your managers, delegating work, contributing to the team, using team members to achieve objectives, being objective, efficient, responsible and lots more.

Can you express your current position in such a way that it magnifies your role in the company?                                                                                                                           You don’t have to be a manager to be able to delegate work. By simply telling your manager to help you do some of your work when the work is so much or when you need to meet a deadline is delegating.

Start to itemise even the tiny skills and duties you do at your current place of work and see how it fits with your communication skills, ability to delegate, being a team player and contributing to the overall executive team.

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