Monday, 22 November 2021

What do you believe about the career path you have chosen?

 What do you believe about the career path you have chosen?

For most people this is a strange question - we rarely spend time thinking about our own beliefs. A quick answer to this is- many people think that the accounting profession is a well-paid profession, especially, when you are a qualified Accountant.


The collection of beliefs you hold about your career - is reflective in most of the choices you make.

- How much risk you are prepared to take.
- What's risky and what’s not.
- What projects and initiatives to undertake.
- What kind of resources you need to succeed in your career.
- Who to partner with, if any.
- Cooperate or compete.
- What your employers should expect from you.
- How hard you expect to work.

  And lots more….


If your belief is that the accounting profession pays well, what happens when that belief isn’t being met? You change career?

All these decisions stem from your beliefs, and it will help you to make them explicit. Once you surface those beliefs, you can start to distinguish which are useful beliefs and which are not.

- What is the benefit of a particular belief?
- Is this belief relevant to your current world
- Or is it a carry-over from some past part of life?

Believe in yourself and the career you have chosen.

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