Friday, 15 January 2021

Cash book challenge!

 Lets talk some more on the movement of money in the cash book? 


Dr- Receipts 

Cr- Payments 


When money is received the bank balance increases and when money is paid out, the bank balance reduces. J


Simple hey!!! 


Lets see how you get on with this simple scenario: 


  • Where there is an opening credit bank balance of £12,030 and the totals recorded in the cash book for the year ended 30 September 20X4 were: 







Assuming there were no year-end adjustments, what will be the opening balance in the cash book as at 1 October 20X4 


£_________ debit / credit 



I’m sure you would have got this correct and known that it will be…….. 



£2,51debit since the cash book balance will still have some money left in it, so it will have a debit balance. 

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