Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Career Progression after the AAT Accounting Qualification

There are so may opportunities after the AAT 

1. Getting a good job in the accounting or financial services sector. 
2. Achieving professional MAAT status
3. Becoming a chartered accountant 
- Options are 
4. Become a tax specialist 
5. Join the education industry 
- Options are 
- Lecturing 
- Tutoring 
- Trainer 
- Creating new learning materials 
6. Head to university 
7. Writing and thought leadership 
8. Lobbying 
9. Become self-employed and start your own business 
10. Offer consultancy services 


  1. I would like to progress to Level 4 and eventually become a charted accountant. I am leaning towards joining ACCA as I have been advised by family members that they are the best exam board to become charted with.
    I would like to finish my studies and become fully qualified in the next 4-5 years.
    After that I would like to work as an independent accountant working in the finance department of companies, I would then eventually like to start businesses in Ghana and become self-employed.

    Written by : Reinolda Agyemang

  2. After finishing my Level 3, I would like to progress onto Level 4 and continue to develop in my current career as an accounts assistant - hopefully progressing in the job as well alongside my qualification. In the end I hope to continue working in the accounting sector. I would like to finish my studies in the next 3-4 years. I am still indecisive about whether I should become ACCA qualified - maybe someday in the future.

    - Kinga Kaminska

  3. I would like to go on and do my level 4 whilst still gaining experience where I am working so as to finish the course and head on to become a qualified chartered accountant. My colleague at work told me to see if I can do the ACCA course but I think I’m just going to continue working and learning for now and see how it goes on at the moment then keep looking into the ACCA before I fully go into it. I want to be able to have my own business and grow it into one of the best firms by God’s Grace.
    Written by - Oladimeji Alabi

  4. At this moment I am completely focused on successfully completing Level 3 of this course but I desire to complete Level 4 and then get a job an accounting job and become a highly valued member of a well-managed company. I haven't yet learned about what further career progression there is after level 4 (e.g. ACCA), but I will be sure to have a look into that in the near future.
    - Kyle Bishop

  5. Initially I had no experience, so I started with the Level 2 AAT. I completed work experience with The Training place of Excellence and gained a thorough understanding of what I would encounter in the workplace. Then I was able to move onto a proper job to practice what I learnt. After completing the AAT, I would like to progress onto completing the ACCA. The end goal is for me to become self employed and start my own business.

    Brian Tran

  6. Currently I am focused on successfully complete my AAT Accounting Level 3 eventually I intend to progress to Level 4 and further on do ACCA. An AAT Qualification is very meaningful to me as it is recognized internationally, so far, the course supported me on practical and theoretical skills. My commitment to my studies will benefit me to be a competent and treasured in the Big Four accounting organizations.

    Fatoumata Diallo

  7. I am confident in completing my AAT level 3 qualification and hope to move on to Level 4 and in the future do ACCA qualifications. AAT is very important to me because it helps me with learning practical skills. My main goal is to be a fully qualified accountant for a very big company.

  8. I am currently an employee at The Training Place Of Excellence,it is a friendly and comfortable environment to work in.I also did my AAT level 2-4 apprenticeship here where I was offered a job as a accounts apprentice that I always dreamt of becoming.The trainings are excellently delivered and vivid.The tutors are super helpfully,I love working here and I am happy the day I started my training at The Training Place.I will recommend you to study here.

    Thank you

  9. I currently am on the way to completing the AAT Diploma in Accounting Level 4 and after I finish I want to go onto the ACCA Course and at the end of that I want to become a MAAT and ACCA Accountant and I want to work in the finance sector.

    Thank you

  10. Having started my AAT journey in early 2017 and completing my AAT Levels 2 and 3. I am currently completing my AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting qualification, which once completed should allow me to become an AAT affiliate member. I plan on applying for the MAAT membership after completing my Level 4 qualification and on studying the ACA qualification with my work organisation. My ultimate goal is to one day start my own accounting business using all the knowledge and experience I will have gained throughout my studies.

  11. I have completed both AAT level 2 & 3, and I am on course to finish level 4. Choosing The training place of excellence to study AAT was one of the best decision I have personally made. The teachers made learning enjoyable and understandable. After completing Level 4, I plan to head to University to continue with my career.